Meet Australia's new Rainbow Warrior

If you happen you to catch this weekends’ Virgin Atlantic Supercar Race from Albert Park, you’ll notice a Holden Commodore disguised as rolling rainbow. That’s because the Brad Jones Racing (BJR) Commodore driven by Nick Percat will be painted in a rainbow motif to honor Holden’s support of the Gay and Lesbian Madrid Gras held in Sydney two weeks ago.

Photo Credit: Fairfax Media

Per a report by the Sydney Morning Herald,

Despite being identified with the LGBTQI community, BJR say they hope the rainbow motif will promote diversity and equality among people regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.


I give Brad Jones and his team credit for having the balls to tackle the issue head on. Far be it for any NASCAR team to promote a LBGTQI cause on any level, or for that matter, anyone else. While the move will be seen as controversial to some in the Supercar paddock, it at least shows the willingness to be foreword-thinking. A concept that other teams might adopt to promote social issues in the future.

Here’s to you Rainbow Warrior, go like hell this weekend in Albert Park!

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